Nominations are now open for the 2017 Community Champion Awards. 

Nominations close on Friday, September 8 at noon. 

Please visit the 'Nominations Notes and Tips' section at the bottom of the page to help guide your nomination.

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Nomination notes and tips.

When considering your nomination you need to think about the; who, what, why and when?

Who are you nominating? A person, group or business.

What do they do that you consider values recognition? Examples will support the nomination.

Why do they stand out to you compared to anyone else’s contributions in the community?

When did they undertake these activities; are they recent, ongoing etc... ?

Please note: If the person carries out these services/activities as part of their paid employment, they will not meet the shortlisting criteria, but if you feel that their contributions go above and beyond what they are paid to do your nomination must demonstrate this.

Which category is right for your nomination?

Young Achievers Award A young person aged 19 or under who has shown amazing bravery or excelled in any way, perhaps under adversity, through leadership or in pioneering a community project.

Community Business of the Year A company or sole-trader whose business initiatives and charitable, neighbourly contributions have made a difference to their local communities.

Community Spirit Award An individual or group who gives outstanding personal service to the community through hard work, dedication and commitment.

Contribution to a Better Environment A group, school, club, business or individual whose actions have a positive impact on the environment, locally, in a broader way or globally.

Contribution to the Arts & Culture Any group, school, club, business or individual whose actions have a positive impact on the cultural richness of the District.

Contribution to Sport A group, school, club, business or individual whose actions have a positive impact on sports and physical activity locally.

Contribution to Health & Wellbeing An individual or group that has contributed to the wellbeing of others or excelled in making positive healthy lifestyle changes - physical or psychological - for themselves or others.

Contribution to Sustainable Transport A business, organisation or individual which has had a positive impact on sustainable travel, principally by reducing levels of carbon, by encouraging more walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport use where possible, or educating people to help them understand the importance of sustainable transport options.